Dedicated Virtual Teams

You want to know who is working for you. We find the people. You choose your crew and set yourself on a path to realization of your dreams while keeping track of day to day progress on your work. Xoft Systems offers a virtual placement service. We provide and setup virtual, dedicated, offshore employees/Teams for your projects. They work only for you, for as long as you want according to your requirements

How do i get the right team?

Setting up a new Vir-team is like adding a new division of your own company. The only difference is, that you don't have to deal with it. �We give you the team.

My requirements are unusually complex

If you are looking for a developer to work on a cutting edge new technology which is not in common use; we will search for the right guy for the job for you.

Okay let’s do it. How do I start a team?

1. Tell us about yourself and your development needs.
2. We do a technical review of your project.
3. We send you resumes of candidates who we think can meet your criteria.
4. You interview the candidates(Skype or Telephone) and select them.
5. When requirements are clear and employees have been selected.
6. We set up your own virtual employees and you take it from there.

Answers to your questions

1. Employee salary demands will be on first page of the resume. �What you see is what you pay�.

2. Decision to hire someone rests solely with you.

3. Don�t fret about freelancer or telecommuters. Professional employees will work on a daily basis at our offshore development centers.

4. Teams once selected are seated together in a professional working environment as a dedicated offshore division of your company. Their absolute dedication to your task is pivotal to our continual working relationship with you.

5. Your engineers work at least 40 hours per week Monday through Friday.

6. You can hire more people or fire existing team members according to your requirements.

7. If for any reason you want to stop working with us. You will need to inform us and your billing will be stopped the same day.

8. We strive hard to provide quality services to our clients. Some clients prefer daily updates while others do not like to be bothered on a daily basis. We will like to leave that choice to the clients for update policies.

9. You will be able to conference with your employees using skype in real time according to a time schedule that can be designed according to the difference in time zones.

10. Experienced development managers will be at hand to overlook work of your employees.

11. If you sense your project temporarily needs more hands. We can arrange some engineers from our pool of content writers, engineers, DBAs, SEO Experts and graphic designers to work for you according to your requirement.

Outsourcing is an oxymoron these days. The reality about our arrangement is that it is like a foreign module of your organization. This module is fully involved in your company where professionals are striving to get your work done for you but resides in a different time zone. So, your company machinery is always working without giving you any unnecessary headaches.