Project Out Sourcing

An effective outsourcing process facilitates the setup, coordination, and execution of outsourcing projects. It reinforces the use of common rules and tools, and streamlines collaboration on engineering, outsourcing requirements and design. Outsourcing engages a very diverse group of stakeholders from different business entities who need to work closely together from initial design until full-scale production.

We provide the Outsourcing facilities in following domains:

Web Applications

Our team can design, build and deploy web systems that meet the customer's specific business needs from the ground up. Web applications designed byXoft Systems help our clients to solve business issues in the most efficient manner, e.g. to reduce operational costs, improve workflow, or to find cost-effective ways of carrying out business.

Xoft Systems experienced team develops high-quality and high-transactional web systems based on the following technologies : Web technologies: Using C# and VB, PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor), open sources in php like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Codeignitor, HTML/DHTML/XML/WML.. Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access.

Window Applications

Let Xoft Systems make your technology vision a reality. Our expert programmers are at your disposal to create customized ebusiness software solutions based on your unique specifications to give you the competitive edge. Our understanding of core business principles translates to a methodical, solutions-based approach to developing software applications for you. Our team of multi-discipline experts has been proven to provide customers with best-of-breed technologies and business practices. We've adopted an n-tier delivery model and the most current project management practices. We adhere to strict project management guidelines and work hand-in-hand with customers through every step of the development process:


Lua programming is very usefull for developing games for iphone.The application is not very complicated, but Lua shows its potential compared to Objective-C, when you need to get iPhone apps done quickly. The reasons for choosing and using Lua for iPhone applications are pretty obvious . It is written in ANSI-C, which means that It can just take the Lua source code and compile it with rest of framework. Lua is also quite compact. The binary size will only grow by a couple of hundred kilobytes, which makes it really light. It is also quite fast compared to other scripting languages and the memory usage is not too bad. Lua is actually a very powerful and flexible language, because it has metatables and support for closures.

E-commerce Applications

E-commerce is the future of retail outlets, year by year e-commerce sales are growing as most consumers find better pricing and options on websites. E-commerce applications genuinely reflect each client's own unique brand, delivering a company's products in the form that will effectively increase sales.

We set up ecommerce sites that work with the most popular payment processors but not one method works for all clients. For example, PayPal is great for low volume sites because of its free "gateway" & "processing" setup, along with no monthly fee. On the other side, PayFlow is a terrific gateway for the medium to large scale business, because you can completely customize the payment pages when you process the transactions. Whether one product or one thousand, we have our e-commerce solution to increase sales. After all, isn't that what's its all about?

SEO & E-Marketing Strategies

Unlike other SEO professionals and so called SEO experts, We do not promise number 1 rankings in Google, nor do We promise to submit your site to 50,000 search engines and directories. All such claims are bogus and carry no weight at all. However, We do promise a considerable increase in your website traffic, better rankings for primary and secondary keywords, and better conversions that result in increased revenue from your site. As an SEO expert, here is what We guarantee:

Your website will be submitted to all the major search engines and directories, along with some industry-specific directories. The keywords We suggest will have searches as indicated by WordTracker.

We will optimize for all keywords requested by you.

We will NOT use unethical SEO techniques and none of the SEO techniques used by us will get your web site banned from search engines.

We will discuss all our SEO techniques with you. We will not carry out any changes on your website without your approval.